Snowmobiler triggered slide on Fisher Mtn.

From email 5/16/24: "I saw the photo of the fisher peak avalanche on the website. Figured I could fill in the blanks. Not a natural slide, snowmobile triggered.

At approximately 12:15pm last Saturday I was climbing above fisher bench and unintentionally set off a slab avalanche on fisher peak. I was jumping the cornice at the ridge and had a massive slope collapse, followed by shooting cracks and propagation downslope. I was able to wheelie through the crown and sidehill above the slide away from the debris area.

5 minutes before my climb, another snowmobiler put a high mark 60 ft away from where I climbed with no results. There were numerous tracks on the slope prior to this avalanche, I found the weak spot. My riding partner was watching me from a safe zone further south, as we knew there was new snow instabilities to watch out for, at a minimum.

We rode all day Friday without any obvious instabilities on similar slopes. We didn’t see the sheep mountain slide Friday morning. I took some pictures of the slide right after it happened. See attached…"

Fisher Mtn.
Snow Observation Source
Cooke City, 2024-05-17